Joyya Thomson (born Jan. 4th, 1987), better known by her stage name Joyya Marie (J.Marie), is an American singer-songwriter. She was born and raised in Portland, OR and later relocated to the Seattle, WA Metropolitan area in her early 20’s. In October 2015 Joyya Marie self released her first R&B single titled Therapy,  a song her listeners refer to as “silky, sexy perfection”.  

Marie is a neo soul singer whose music has elements of Alternative R&B and urban pop. Her forthcoming release includes songs full of real life experiences guided by her smooth, rich voice. Joyya’s lyrics are described as honest and confident, driven by loves emotional roller coaster.  

Joyya Marie (Hunter), born to Richard Hunter Sr. (Portland, OR) and Maxine Ghant (Portland, OR) began singing at a very young age. Her mother Maxine states "I knew she was a singer the first time I heard her strong cry as a baby". As the child of Pastors, Joyya grew up in church surrounded by gospel singers, cords and melodies. Maxine, a locally known Praise and Worship Leader, along with her church affiliation, helped to heavily influence her draw towards music and passion for singing. 

In 1992, at the age of 5, Joyya experienced her first on stage performance while attending The Salvation Army Moore Street Corps (Portland, OR) in a musical staring Salty the singing Songbook and Charity Churchmouse, a little mouse with the dream to become a famous gospel singer. This performance gave her a love for the stage and a dream of her own to become a famous singer. With the help of her family and friends, Joyya was exposed to a vast genre of music and opportunities to shine on stage throughout the years to develop the artist arising inside. Along with older sister Crystal (Hairston) and mother Maxine, the 3 became a singing trio gracing the stage at many events in the Portland Metro area. In 1997, at age 10, Joyya sang with Derrick McDuffey and Chosen Generation - now known as Kingdom Sound (Portland, OR) in concert as the youngest member to ever join the adult ensemble on stage. She was an active member of the group from 2004 - 2012 touring and backing up nationally renown gospel and jazz artists.  In 1999, Joyya began attending DaVinci Arts Middle School (Portland, OR) where her passion for dance was fueled. Attending classes that majored in jazz, ballet, tap and hip hop took Joyya's imagination of what music looked like visually to another level. Fall of 2002, Joyya recorded her first song at Fusion Studios (Portland, OR) titled "Vow to You" with hip hop duo Risky Star (Rich Hunter, older brother of Joyya Marie) and KP, The Lab currently known as Blak Neon. This experience awaked Joyya to the magic of studio recordings, giving her the ability to hear what is normally only in her head also in her ears. Soon after the recording of Vow to You, Joyya began writing and completing many songs including "Love Me" later recorded and released on the debut album "Some Kind of Love" in 2016. In the summer of 2002, Joyya choreographed her first musical number to a large group of teens (ages 13-18) at a Salvation Army Music Camp in Boring, OR. She later taught new groups of students dance and song in both Hip Hop classes and Choir/Ensemble classes in  2010, 2011 and 2013 with ages ranging from 8-21. In 2004, Antrax Entertainment (Port., OR) signed Joyya as "J.Marie" being their first gospel artist and release 2 singles "Pray With Me" and "All Away" on a compilation album titled Our Testament. In 2008, Joyya began working with Brandon Woods of WoodsWay Entertainment for artist development and the creation of what was to be her first solo album. In February 2009, Joyya was married to David Thomson (a producer, musician, teacher and founder of Soul Sound Audio Productions) and relocated to Edmonds, WA. Soon after wedding congratulations, came the announcement of pregnancy with her first child Jordynn Thomson (born Dec. 10th, 2009). Plans to complete the album with Brandon Woods were put on hold and untimely canceled due to distance and the harsh sickness caused by the pregnancy.  From 2009-2011 Joyya lead worship at small church in Tacoma, WA and became very comfortable with her voice and style while being on stage. In 2010, Joyya Marie and husband David decided to begin the completion of her first solo album. October 2015 Marie self released her first R&B single titled "Therapy". After 2 children, Jordynn Thomson and Isaiah Thomson (born April 14, 2012), being healed of congestive heart failure in 2012 (Click Here to Watch Joyya's Story) and the purchase of their first home in 2015, the dynamic duo - The Thomson's completed Joyya Marie's highly anticipated debut album "Some Kind of Love" in 2016. 

This is only the beginning for Joyya Marie.