Published of Joyya Marie's live show: 
   "I was floored—I'd never heard of [Joyya] Marie before, but the Portland R&B singer's voice completely hypnotized the massive audience [700+]. She commanded the stage so gracefully, performing acrobatic, jazzy vocals with ease."
      -Ciara Dolan [The Portland Mercury] • Apr 14, 2016 at 4:29 pm

 What are people saying about Therapy?
   "Her voice glides and makes every note glisten in 'Therapy.' Each syllable carries it's own moment of sensual bliss that keeps the listener engaged, with the overall production perfectly balanced allowing one to be absorbed in the ambiance. If love could translate directly to music, it would be this song. Silky, sexy perfection. You will absolutely melt."
     -Jeff McGlinn
"Therapy is Fire!!"
     -Ashanti Proctor
     -Marla and Dave Thomas (Love & Hip Hop, Take 6)

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